Brainlab reaches 500th sale of ExacTrac


Patient positioning system boosts frameless radiosurgery techniques

Brainlab has announced the 500th sale of its ExacTrac patient positioning system for frameless radiosurgery.

The scale of uptake highlights a continued focus among the medical profession to adopt clinically-proven systems for high-precision cancer treatments and their ongoing investment in ensuring access to advanced radiation therapy for patients.

The ExacTrac system works by combining with advanced radiosurgery treatment systems to allow physicians to treat cancers using a frameless radiosurgery technique. This offers a valuable alternative to the historical practice that requires immobilisation with an invasive head ring affixed to the skull. The advanced image guidance and computer-driven optimisation of ExacTrac enables physicians to control every step of the treatment pathway, improving workflow and flexibility of treatment planning.

Samuel Ryu, managing director of radiation oncology at the Henry Ford Health System in America said of the evolution of cancer treatment to frameless radiosurgery: “We have transitioned to frameless radiosurgery after conducting thorough scientific verifications of the precision of the technique. We have now widely adopted the technique and are applying protocols to treat more than 99% of our patients with frameless surgery.”

By offering precision to a sub-millimetre level, ExacTrac provides high accuracy during the procedure and helps reduce errors within the process, therefore maximising overall treatment accuracy. By offering the option of non-invasive frameless radiosurgery, physicians are also able to offer patients a better treatment experience, increasing comfort and reducing anxiety during the procedure.

The adoption rate of ExacTrac has increased significantly over the last few years, with a growing number of physicians worldwide relying on the technique for intra-cranial radiosurgery treatments.

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Stefan Vilsmeier, chief executive of Brainlab, said: “At Brainlab we endeavour to innovate and improve radiotherapy treatment. The ExacTrac patient position system is a mark of our established heritage in frameless radiosurgery and one which we are continuing to advance to ensure we offer both physicians and patients advanced tools for cancer care.”