David Bailey Furniture Systems launches new mobile hospital writing desk


Healthline range extended to help nurses and ward staff take notes at patients’ bedsides

David Bailey Furniture Systems has introduced a new mobile writing desk for hospital staff to its popular Healthline range of fitted healthcare furniture.

Steady growth within the healthcare sector has helped David Bailey Furniture Systems identify a gap in the market for a desk which can be used by nurses and hospital ward staff to take notes at patients’ bedsides.

In most hospitals, nurses are not allowed to sit on patients’ beds for health and safety reasons, so have difficulty taking notes in ward areas. David Bailey Furniture Systems’ mobile hospital writing desk has been designed to offer nursing staff the ease and flexibility to take notes at several patients’ bedsides. The idea is that each hospital writing desk will be used per each 4-6 bed-bay ward.

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Trevor Gillman, managing director of David Bailey Furniture Systems, said: “We are always looking to design and create new products to improve and enhance the healthcare environment. The prototype we designed and manufactured has already been very well received by customers we have presented it to and we’re looking forward to the response following our UK launch.”