Marlux: One system does it all


Marlux Cubicle Curtain Track is easy to use, simple to maintain, and can be used in high-risk environments

The Marlux Cubicle Curtain Track System is used extensively throughout the UK because it is the only product that satisfies three fundamental facilities requirements.

Firstly, it is perfect for use with conventional fabric curtains because the unique ‘clip on – clip off’ glider can be detached from the track, attached to the curtain and then simply be snapped back onto the track along with the curtain.

With other systems the bulky and often heavy curtain has to be lifted up and offered to the glider itself, which is usually captured within the track channel.

The Marlux system removes the need for stepladders, making curtain changing safer for staff.

Marlux: One system does it all

The same track system also allows the option to use Marlux Fast-Fit Disposable Curtains and, by taking advantage of the push button access and removal plunger, disposable curtains can be removed and refitted in seconds, freeing up staff to use their valuable time more efficiently.

Marlux: One system does it all

Finally, when used with suitably-configured Marbast magnetic anti ligature fittings, the system can be used in high-risk areas to reduce the opportunity for patient self harm.

The precision-designed magnetic device enables the system to stay in place during normal everyday use and only the individual bay or unit will collapse when an abnormal load is applied, avoiding the unintended consequential damage to other patients and staff when adjacent cubicles collapse.

Marlux: One system does it all
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The same magnetic system can also be used with vertical and roller blinds and, providing magnetic rather than mechanical restraint, there’s nothing to wear out, break or jam and the system can simply be reconnected and used over and over again.