New anti-slip shower trays from Roman


Range added to the firm's existing collection of Solid Surface Trays

Roman has launched a range of anti-slip shower trays.

The dedicated range has been added to the company’s existing collection of Solid Surface Trays.

They are available in matt white or matt grey and they are internationally approved for their anti-slip properties.

These tays present a stylish finish with a domed aluminium waste cover.

For volume orders Roman can accommodate a variety of colour finishes and sizes to any specification, including stone-effect finishes to co-ordinate bathroom design.

They feature an ultra- low profile of 40mm and are self-reinforcing so can be laid directly down to joists and then tiled up to, achieving a level-access wetroom look. These trays maximise the flow rating with the one angle slope to waste with a fast-flow waste included.

There is a matching Corian Solid Surface Plinth and Leg Set available for these trays, offering flexibility so they can be installed with the waste and pipework above the floor.

Roman’s Anti-Slip Trays have been tested to BS7976-2:2002+A1:2013 slip potential and low DIN 51097:1992 Class C.

David Osborne, managing director of Roman, said: “We initially developed this tray for the demands of international hotel market.

Its success has driven us to expand the range and now bring these outstanding products into the retail fold.

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They not only look good, but the difference in grip when wet is quite amazing.”