New look for Select wetrooms


Roman adds new configurations and square bracing bars to Select Wetroom range

Roman has added new design options to its Select Wetroom offering.

Square bracing bars in various options from a low-level brace kit to a ceiling brace kit and from a side panel brace kit to a floor to ceiling brace kit; have been added, alongside the round bracing kits as another design option.

There are four easy steps to choosing the wetroom configuration and style specifically tailored to your bathroom design requirements.

The first step is to choose the glass thickness either 8 or 10mm thick toughened glass. The next step is to select the number and size of your wetroom panels, depending on the space you have to work with.

The third step is to decide whether you would like a deflector panel (pivoting or fixed) to help guide the water back into the showering area. And, the final step is to select bracing bars if required and there are many different options to choose from in either round or square styling.

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David Osborne, managing director of Roman, said: “Our Select Wetroom system is there to guide people through each stage of choosing the desired wetroom design and we always look to where we can offer more choice through different sizes and style options.”