PENTAX UK launches new HD enteroscope


VSB-2990i enables detection, demarcation and characterisation of the small bowel

PENTAX UK has developed a new high-resolution enteroscope for detailed visualisation of the small intestine.

The VSB-2990i enteroscope enables the detection, demarcation and characterisation of the small bowel, which can vastly improve the visibility of minute lesions.

It can be applied to push and balloon-guided enteroscopy and is compatible with NaviAid BGE balloon disposables. The 2.8mm instrument channel offers compatibility with a wide range of instruments and enables biopsies and options for further therapeutic interventions. With a 90i control body, the enteroscope has good handling characteristics and exceptional reach, combining unique graduated flexibility with a working length of 2,200mm. The HD+ resolution imaging can be further combined with the PENTAX i-scan image processing technology to further support detection and characterisation of tissue abnormalities. For example, recent research has demonstrated that with i-scan clinicians can experience an increase in overall polyp and adenoma detection rates.

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“Here at PENTAX we like to challenge the limits of medical technology,” said David Moore, managing director of PENTAX UK. “Although historically the small bowel has been a very difficult area to examine, we have designed the VSB-2990i enteroscope to provide unparalleled HD+ imaging, alongside exceptional reach, to take the detection and characterisation of tissues abnormalities of the small intestine to another diagnostic level.”