Queens Hospital waste paper provides bedding for Twycross Zoo


A QUARTER of the waste paper collected at Queen's Hospital is helping endangered species at nearby Twycross Zoo. The zoo regularly collects shredded paper from the hospital to provide bedding for its chimps and gorillas. And Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's waste manager, Paul Campbell, has been keen to extend the agreement as the trust shreds more and more of its paper. This means that since April, the zoo has been trialling weekly collections and has set up an additional collection point on the hospital site. Campbell said: "On average we've contributed between 120 and 150 20-litre bags of shredded paper every two weeks since agreeing the original arrangement. Shredded paper in 'strip cut' form is excellent for the zoo's purpose because it's absorbent and doesn't create any dust that animals might develop allergies to, like they often do with straw bedding. And, unlike waste paper that comes in 'particle cut' form, there's little risk of them eating it and choking."