Trend launches Room View sensor and display solution


Trend’s new Room View sensor and display creates the perfect climate control solution

Trend has built on the success of its innovative range of Wallbus mounted sensors and displays with the introduction of Room View (RV).

Designed for optimum flexibility and ease of use, the RV’s colour touchscreen and clean, modern graphics provide a state-of-the-art interface that enhances the occupant experience in any room.

The top-of-the-range RV complements Trend’s existing Room Display (RD) and Room Sensor (RS) solutions, maintaining similar design features that contribute to a family feel across all three devices.

The implementation of a common icon set throughout the range allows occupants to intuitively relate to models and options and instinctively feel in control of room elements.

Perfect for use in offices, meeting rooms, schools, hospitals and hotels, the RV displays information about occupation status, as well as a wide range of environmental conditions including temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and outside air temperature. It also allows basic level control of fan speed, setpoints, lighting, heating, blinds and windows to suit the desired comfort conditions of the occupant. Whether orientated in landscape or portrait, the backlit-displayed graphics present the room data clearly so the occupant can effortlessly adjust the room elements.

The features and benefits of this device offer advantages for all types of customers. Architects, for example, do not want wall devices to impose, distract or conflict with the overall look of a room and therefore the RV has a balanced and unobtrusive appearance, allowing the unit to complement, but not detract from, interior design themes. In addition, the backlit display’s colour can also be altered to suit the aesthetics of the room or building.

For M&E consultants, the RV’s high-level functionality will be of particular interest and the sensing, display and user input options ensure that control and adjustment can be easily achieved. They can also feel confident that the devices will function as expected throughout system design, installation, commissioning and use. The ability to upgrade/downgrade easily between available options also means specification and cost changes can be accommodated.

The product’s Wallbus technology provides systems integrators with a cost-effective and time-saving solution that offers unrivalled ease of commissioning. Rather than being individually wired into inputs, the RV sits on a non-polarity sensitive twisted pair bus configuration, which makes wiring easier and frees up inputs, while also offering plug and play capability. An inbuilt installer mode has optional password protection to allow temperature and humidity calibration, adjustment of setpoint range limits and modification of override time.

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Kieran Malone, product and marketing manager at Trend, said: “The RV has been meticulously designed to satisfy the requirements of all types of customer and boasts the very highest levels of functionality to enable users to interact with it in an intuitive and natural way. It strengthens our already successful range of wall mounted room sensors and displays by introducing a device that enhances the aesthetics and visual impact of the built environment, while improving human interaction with it.”