Virtual assistant greets patients at revamped hospital


Shropshire hospital installs high-tech meet-and-greet technology

A high-tech ‘Virtual Assistant’ is greeting patients and visitors passing through the new £2.7m reception at Oswestry Hospital in Shropshire.

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has installed the Tensator technology to provide visitors with information on facilities and the new electronic appointment check-in procedures.

Dependent on the day and time, the equipment has been programmed to present scheduled audio-visual messaging, such as details of specific services operated at particular times, and directions for visitors during visiting hours. By relaying a continuous stream of information, the digital signage technology aims to enhance the overall delivery of orthopaedic and related care.

The Tensator Virtual Assistant will help visitors and patients at Oswestry Hospital

The Tensator Virtual Assistant will help visitors and patients at Oswestry Hospital

Wendy Farrington Chadd, trust chief executive, said: “The hospital prides itself on delivering outstanding patient care and as such we are always looking for effective ways to improve communications for visitors. The Tensator Virtual Assistant is a novel way to improve messaging and communication to patients, assisting their access to the hospital. It is an innovative way to convey key messages and it complements our reception team, signage and wayfinding as part of the whole new development.”

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Kevin Hickson, general manager at Tensator, added: “With visitor numbers increasing, the hospital was keen to improve its reception and check-in procedures. The virtual assistant will aid in creating a more relaxed atmosphere within the reception area by reducing confusion and frustration among visitors and patients.”