Waiting times at Hull hospital reduced with 128-slice CT technology


Hull Royal Infirmary installs SOMATOM Definition AS+ CT system from Siemens Healthcare

Hull Royal Infirmary, part of the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, has enhanced its services with the installation of a SOMATOM Definition AS+ CT system as part of a wider regeneration of its state-of-the-art emergency department (ED).

The system from Siemens Healthcare is responsible for imaging up to 40 emergency and inpatients each day, helping the department to deal with increased throughput and supporting the hospital’s vision to provide excellent levels of care.

“We selected the Definition AS+ as it meets the needs of our new state-of-the-art ED facilities,” said Nicola Webster, cross sectional speciality manager at Hull Royal Infirmary.

The system images emergency patients and inpatients, performing a wide range of procedures such as trauma, stroke, surgical and neuroimaging. This is helping us to enhance the services provided. Furthermore, patients are benefiting from the superb image quality and speed of the imaging processing. We have already experienced a decrease in waiting times and an increase in throughput as a result.”

Philip Tesh, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare, added: “Clinicians have embraced the opportunity to learn how to use the new system and have been delighted to be able to offer patients an enhanced service with high-quality images.

“We strive to provide the most up-to-date technology available in order to help hospital departments enhance services for patients so we are pleased to hear of the beneficial workflow and patient effects the Definition AS+ is having at Hull Royal Infirmary.”

The SOMATOM Definition AS+ CT system provides fast and accurate diagnosis and is suitable for routine diagnostic work as well as complex examinations including oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiac imaging. This is assisted by Siemens’ unique Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST), which provides automated selection of parameters for every individual examination based on the selected body region.

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As applying the lowest dose possible is also of utmost importance for clinicians and patients, the system offers applications and functionality to help ensure the right dose is received with the use of Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE).