Water-saving boost at Stockport trust


Stockport NHS Foundation Trust partners with Water Plus to reduce water use and waste across its hospitals and community services

Water-saving boost at Stockport trust

A hospital trust is stepping up its water-saving efforts to reduce the impact of services on the environment, lower running costs, and help the NHS to reach its net-zero carbon target.

As part of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust’s Green Plan, developed in 2021, the trust has teamed-up with Water Plus through the Pagabo Utilities Supply Framework for the public sector.

The trust, which has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2040, has received additional water checklists and guides to help identify areas where quick improvements can be made.

It has also received water efficiency packs to engage more with staff to increase awareness of where water waste could occur and to improve on reporting on any dripping taps or leaks across its sites.

Catherine Anderson, non-executive director at the trust, said: “Under our Green Plan, we want to improve sustainability and help the NHS reach its carbon neutral target wherever we can.

“Steps like saving more water across sites, and using it more effectively where we do use it, to other measures such as bringing in electric vans, as we did in November 2021 to transport goods such as prescriptions, are a straightforward and effective way of moving towards the goal.”

Paul Featherstone, director of estates and facilities, added: “Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Stepping Hill Hospital and community NHS services, started establishing a Green Plan in 2021, looking at all aspects of its environmental impact to see where carbon emissions can be reduced.

“We are committed to becoming a net-zero NHS, and water conservation is one of our agreed actions.

“The trust is also looking to add data loggers to its water meters to get more information on a daily basis, with information fed into a smart online portal provided by Water Plus.”

And Lisa Moore, who heads up the public sector team at Water Plus, said: “We’re delighted to be helping Stockport NHS Trust with its journey to net zero, to help our planet and lower the impact on communities for the future.

“We manage the water and waste water services for many organisations, including in the public sector, so we understand their different needs and drivers and we’ve helped organisations make significant savings across their portfolio, reducing water use and contributing to their sustainability aims and sustainable development goals.”

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Water Plus is the largest water retailer in the UK and received an international Green Apple Environment Award in 2021 for its work helping organisations to reduce water waste.