Why construction manufacturers should be thinking about BIM


Marc Warren, technical manager at BIM Strategy explains why manufacturers should be adopting BIM for all their products

In this article BIM Strategy’s Marc Warren explains why manufacturers should be adopting BIM for all their products

With 2016 fast approaching, now is the time for construction manufacturers to steal a march on their competitors by recognising the impact the Government’s mandate on BIM - all construction products and components must be compatible with BIM Level 2 by 2016 - will have on their products being specified by construction consultants such as architects.

8 reasons why products should be modelled in 3D

Having product lines ‘created’ in 3D ensures construction manufacturers will be able to reap the benefits when BIM Level 2 becomes mandatory.

This is because:

  • It helps your company to be at the forefront of BIM
  • It means you can stay ahead of your competitors
  • It offers a prompt return on investment (ROI)
  • It can help to raise your company’s profile
  • It enables you to see a rise in orders placed for your products
  • Your product’s specifications will be in a format now vital for specifiers and designers
  • It provides maximum exposure to designers through your BIM components being hosted on third-party BIM Libraries
  • Quality BIM components can be seamlessly incorporated into leading industry design tools and specification standards

What evidence is there to support this type of investment?

In 2013, Autodesk conducted a survey to find out if ‘content’ which complied with BIM standards had an effect on purchasing numbers.

The following question and answer session provides some insight into this.

Q. How much does the availability of BIM content impact the likelihood that you would choose a specific manufacture’s brand?’

A. 80% - a significant impact

Q. How likely is that the branded products you specify/recommend in your designs and drawings will be purchased for the project?

A. A. 80% - more likely

Why construction manufacturers should be thinking about BIM

Roman Showers is an example of one of the manufacturers whose products BIM Strategy has modelled in 3D to comply with BIM standards.

“At Roman we view BIM as a greater opportunity to highlight our manufacturing capability to all architects, contractors and house builders – and in addition to engage with a wider audience at an earlier stage within the design process, said managing director, David Osborne.

With government initiatives driving BIM at a fast pace, complacency may leave many construction manufacturers and suppliers behind. While making the decision to have your products modelled in 3D does require some investment, choosing this option in advance of the 2016 deadline is essential if you wish to remain competitive in a rapidly-changing business environment.

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