World-famous wallpaper designer commissioned to transform patient environment


Marthe Armitage works on cardiac and elderly care units at West Middlesex University Hospital

Renowned artist, Marthe Armitage, was recently commissioned by hospital charity CW+ to install her signature wallpaper designs in the cardiac care unit and older patient wards at West Middlesex University Hospital.

From her studio in Chiswick; Armitage produces hand-printed wallpapers using the traditional technique of lino block printing.

A variety of her iconic and distinctive designs have been digitally printed using the latest technology onto vinyl which is a suitable material for the hospital environment. The designs were selected following a consultation process by CW+ with patients and staff.

Trystan Hawkins, director of patient environment at CW+, said: “We are delighted to have installed Marthe’s beautifully-designed wallpaper in our hospital.

“Her designs are inspired by the natural world, which research shows can really help calm and distract patients when used in a clinical setting.”

World-famous wallpaper designer commissioned to transform patient environment

Dr Sadia Khan, consultant cardiologist, added: “Marthe’s wallpaper has transformed our unit and we have had so many patients and visitors comment on how beautiful it is.

“Patients in the cardiac unit are often waiting to have heart tests, which can understandably be a worrying time, so creating a calm and tranquil environment is really important.”

And Armitage said of her work: “I was very pleased to be asked to be involved in this project. I have not worked in a hospital before, so it’s lovely to see my designs in a new and different environment.

“I hope my wallpaper will help to calm patients by giving them something to really look at. I find if you really look at something, it can help take your mind off yourself – which I hope will help these patients feel a bit more relaxed.”

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Images courtesy of Owen Richards